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Organizing the unorganized has always been the driving spirit behind the labor movement.

In earlier years, workers who tried to form unions were beaten by company thugs or shot at by government troops.  Union organizers risked – and sometimes gave – their lives to win the fight for dignity and justice on the job.

It is because of the sacrifices of these heroic men and women that American workers enjoy the standard of living we have today.

As we near the end of the century, organizing continues to be the labor movement’s vital mission.  The anti-union attacks take different forms, but they are just as intense and brutal as in the early days of the labor movement.

Union-busters now carry brief cases instead of brass knuckles, but their aim is the same: to divide and demoralize workers, to prevent them from having a voice on the job and in society.

Despite the setbacks, trade unionist today are no more willing to give up the struggle than were our predecessors.

Workers know that hazards on the job maim and destroy thousands every year.  Workers know that discrimination and favoritism rob people of opportunities for advancement.  Workers know about inadequate health benefits that threaten the well-being of their families.  Workers know about the lack of dignity that exists when people are denied a voice in their working lives.


And trade unionists understand that everything we have achieved can be taken away if we don’t continue to organize.  Employers pit one group against another, demanding concessions in order to be “competitive.”  To be strong, we must be united.


Organizing is the job of every single union member.  It is the responsibility of all of us to educate our friends and neighbors about what a union really is. YOU are the union. We are not a building or a place, "I" am the union. Together we are strong and united. Without you, we grow weaker. Do you fight? Do you volunteer? What we do today, will show in 20 years. How will we be remembered? Unions are the only strength left that truly attempt to fight for workers rights. Do not allow them to be eroded away with the swipe of a pen in Washington.


A union is more than just a collective bargaining agreement.  It is more than the improved wages and benefits that come with a union contract.  A union is more than the leadership and staff – the lawyers, negotiators, educators, economists – who assist us.


The union is the people themselves, joining together in a triumph of hope over fear, standing up together for justice.


Source:  "Organizing Guide For Local Unions" – George Meany Center For Labor Studies


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